The girl behind the nails. IG: zaira7laugh 

Update on nails. I know I haven’t been on in a while. Nails have been cut down and not changed up as often. Still fun and cute!!


Happy 4th of July <3 

Roses <3

Your nails are showing! :o

Hello and welcome to by blog! My name is Zaira, I’m from Houston, TX…I started having fun with nail polish when I was about seventeen…
Three years later it’s become an addiction! You’ll find my nail art here!
Hopefully I’ll soon start doing nail tutorials….

I strongly believe nail polish isn’t only a fashion statement…it is truly an art and a blessing

I am not a professional this just something I’ve been blessed with and have fun with…I do friends nails for free

If you’re in the neighborhood come look for me …

Show me your canvas

Glitter, glitter <3

Spring is here…!